Einstein Audio

The Perfect Match – Phono Preamplifier, Current Input

The case of the amp section of The Perfect Match is machined from a solid block of aluminum to avoid interference and microphonic effects. Despite double mono construction, the signal paths are extremely short, so that the signal remains as pure as possible. The Current Input Design always makes the optimum adjustment for the pickup system.
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The Phonostage

The new EINSTEIN The Phonostage is a superb phono amplifier with a discrete 10 single transistor design for the input stage, combined with highest quality op amps in the two other amplifier stages.
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The Phonoamp

The new EINSTEIN Phonoamp is the ultimate answer of a superb phono amplifier in a discrete single transistor design. 48 single transistors are used in three amplifier stages.
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The Turntable´s Choice – Phono Preamplifier, balanced

An added 6 dB more headroom means even more usable dynamic range, which is of course heard pretty much immediately. Any good cartridge will benefit from it, because it is a truly balanced source. One should definitely take advantage of that fundamental design element and rewire their tonearm for balanced use. We are happy to assist or can offer the services of a specialist in that field.
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