The new EINSTEIN The Phonostage is a superb phono amplifier with a discrete 10 single transistor design for the input stage, combined with highest quality op amps in the two other amplifier stages. Such an incredible effort is rare in the audio industry, but the superb technical specifications justify this commitment. Due to the perfect shielding and the sophisticated circuit design, this phono amp is dead quiet. No hiss, no noise which can damage the fragile signal the cartridge delivers.

As a typical EINSTEIN design The Phonostage is a double mono design guaranteeing perfect channel separation. The EINSTEIN principle of the floating ground avoids hum loops. The power supply is huge with enormous headroom and can easily provide more than enough power for the actual phonostage. The Phonostage is specified for Moving Coil Cartridges only. The perfect impedance load can be adjusted by custom made RCA plugs in the rear panel of the phonostage. Thus there are no sound limiting interferences of dip switches in the signal path for cartridge loading.

The gain can be set up to 68dB or 74 dB to achieve the best technical and sonic results for low level cartridges and higher output level cartridges. This is done by a simple jumper to avoid limited sound performance caused by noisy Dip switches in the signal path. The sound is absolutely stable and in focus. A perfect three dimensional soundstage with details you have never heard from your vinyl records. Even the finest details will be transferred to your ears. The dynamics over the complete frequency band are something very special - this phonoamp makes pure, delicate, smooth, explosive and exciting music.

The Phonostage –

Technical Data

Amplification : 68db (2500x) or 74dB (5000x)(adjustable by jumpers)
Signal to noise ratio: better than 80 dB  1mV/1KHz
Channel Balance: better/similar +- 0.5 (without any feedback)
Headroom 10db
Distortion: less than 0.05 % at 1mV 1 KHz(without any feedback)
RIAA equalization: passive for high frequency, active for lower frequencies
Input Loading: adjustable up to 2kHz (any value with resistor loading plugs)
Output impedance: 100 Ohm
Output voltage: 8 V (RMS) max
Input Voltage: 3 mV at 1kHz max
Weight: Phonostage 6 kg
Dimensions: 215x360x150mm

The Phonostage –