The Preamp –


The starting point for our new preamplifier was the development of a larger and mechanically more stable housing. This larger, resonance-optimized and thermally improved housing made it possible to realize new sophisticated circuits and to significantly optimize existing ones. The circuits are now much better decoupled from mechanical and acoustical interferences. The perfect thermal balance is reducing the temperature inside The Preamp quite a lot. The components are not strained by temperature anymore and the inherent noise of the components is reduced.

An essential principle of The Preamp is a two stage amplifier concept. The first amplifier stage is an input and a symmetry amplifier as well. The input signal is amplified and converted into a balanced signal in only one discrete amplifier stage. This means extremely short signal paths and fewer components which could affect the signal. Due to the balanced design the amplifier is much more protected against interference injections and the bandwidth is much more extended because there in only one amplifier stage involved.
The output stage is the second amplifier stage. This stage doesn`t have any voltage gain but is a pure impedance converter with very high current reserves. The output stage of The Preamp is of course fully balanced, double mono and four tubes of NOS PCC88 are used for each channel. (these strictly selected tubes are particularly linear and have a very high bandwidth). This guarantees the lowest possible distortion and a low output impedance. The signal path is extremely short.

Both amplifier channels are perfectly decoupled from the housing and mounted on its own low resonance frequency tuned sub-frame. This protects the amplifier stages against interferences from outside such as micro phonic or mechanical resonances. The ten tubes of the input stage are selected with big effort and then selected in pairs. The input stage is typically EINSTEIN, absolutely linear phase with an extreme bandwidth. This guarantees an ultrafast and unadulterated signal processing. To keep all tubes in their optimum operating points and to balance losses because of high operating hours, EINSTEIN has designed a sophisticated circuit which has been set up directly at the input tubes.

True to the ideal case of the reinforcing wire, the volume control is not operating in the signal path. The signal and the signal to noise ratio remain unaffected. The signal purity, as well as the signal to noise ratio in the EINSTEIN volume control circuit always remain the same and are absolutely independent of the volume position, which isn’t implemented as consistently by any other manufacturer in the audio field.

Another unique feature is the design of the input selector circuit. It is realized without any interference of switches, relays, Fets or ICs. The EINSTEIN input selector circuit is achieved by booting and power down of the heating voltage of the respective input tubes. This means that the input signal remains untouched and is neither sonically and metrologically limited nor affected by switches, relays, Fets or other components. This special EINSTEIN circuit is unique in high end audio worldwide.

The fully balanced output stage with four matched and selected double triodes NOS EI PCC 88 per channel has an extreme bandwidth up to the MHz range and is able to deliver ultra high current. Therefore, the playback is ultra fast with incredible detail and a realistic soundstage. This new circuit has so much energy and such a low output impedance that it can even drive a high sensitive speaker.

To ensure optimal pulse and signal purity, the power supply of our new amplifier has been completely redeveloped. Perfectly stabilized supply voltages, a sophisticated and wide broad bend decoupling, as well as incredible energy reserves make our preamplifier significantly less dependent on the quality of the mains. Distortion, voltage swing, and dropouts don`t affect the the amplifier circuit in any way. High frequency interference by magnetic / change fields, energy saving lamps etc. in the network have been nearly eliminated. Even under adverse conditions the musical signal of our new preamplifier The Preamp stays pure without any limitations. The excitement of a realistic natural sound is guaranteed.

The Preamp –

Technical data

Signal to Noise Ration: typ. 100 db
Distortion @ 1 kHz: < 0.01%
Output Voltage: bal. 2.5 Volt to 100 Ohm
max. Input Voltage: 7 Volt
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Bandwidth: 7 Hz untill 400 kHz
Channel Separation: > 98 db
Weight: 20 kg
Dimensions (H x L x D): 20 cm x 43 cm x 41 cm
Manual: The Preamp (150 KB)

The Preamp –

Customer experience

Delighted to let you know that The Preamp is awarded as PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR 2013 by HI FI REVIEW (Sam Ho’s magazine).

Especially the preamp , it is extremely quite … cannot believe it is Tube Pre amp.

I use your wonderful Preamp in my system. The sound is very dynamic and detailed and musically superb….Albert Einstein was a genius…..and so are you guys. Wisst ihr zufällig, ob die Audio Machina mit Einstein-Elektronik schon auf dem Drogenindex gelistet ist? Ohne Spass; wenn man damit mal anfängt, kann man gar nicht mehr auf"hören". Toll! Danke nochmals für den Tipp.

The Preamp –


The Preamp – der Vorverstaerker von EINSTEIN
The Preamp – der Vorverstaerker von EINSTEIN
The Preamp – der Vorverstaerker von EINSTEIN
The Preamp – der Vorverstaerker von EINSTEIN