The Pure –

3-way sealed-box with active woofer

The Pure looks simple and elegant at first glance. Behind the classical Bauhaus style, however, there is an extremely high level of effort that makes it possible to reproduce music that is very close to attending a concert. 'Form follows Function' is fully applicable here.

Front and rear are made of solid 12mm aluminum panels and the outer frame of 40mm layer glued solid wood. The inner housing is divided into individual chambers for further stabilization. This sophisticated construction prevents the cabinet from resonating, so that the cones of the drive units are the only parts moving with the signal. Only this can be controlled by the amplifier. An amplifier cannot control the cabinet resonances of a speaker. For this reason, the loudspeaker is also divided into two cabinets to keep the speaker cabinet as small and rigid as possible. A small cabinet doesn`t oscillate as much as a big cabinet will do. That`s just physics. So a separate cabinet for the bass and a separate cabinet for the mid and high frequencies was our solution.

In order to ensure low bass reproduction down to 20 Hz despite the small dimensions of the cabinet, the bass is actively controlled with an integrated 700 Watt amplifier. The active crossover is an own design and guarantees a perfect control of the bass loudspeaker in time and phase.

The midrange loudspeaker in his separate cabinet is operated without any crossover. The tweeter horn uses a simple 6dB filter. In order to guarantee an absolutely accurate temporal reproduction, the tweeter horn is mounted offset to the rear.
The massive stand for both loudspeaker cabinets, which is also tilted backwards, optimizes the temporally accurate reproduction and prevents `Doppler` effects caused by micro-movements of the loudspeaker itself. The effort can also be seen from the weight. The weight of one loudspeaker is 100 kg including stand.

The Pure can be optimally adjusted to the room acoustics and is uncritical in installation due to its closed and sluggish cabinet. A set up close to the wall or in the corners of the room is therefore also possible without limiting the sound quality.

The Pure –

Technical data

Type: Active 700 Watt Powered Bass, Adjustable Level Control and Adjustable Active High Pass Crossover
Midrange Drive Unit Without Any Crossover
Alnico Horn Tweeter Switchable Level Control
NRAP Chamber Cabinet, Modular Design
Stand: Custom Made Heavy Weight Stand for Perfect Time Alignment and Best Speaker Rest
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 35 KHz
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Required Power: 6 Watt to much more
Weight: Inclusive Stands 110 Kg / Each

The Pure –

Customer experience

This is the first The Pure speaker which has been set up in a high end system in Germany. The Pure is connected to an Einstein The Tube preamplifier, Einstein The Final Cut OTL mono blocks and a Linn streaming device.

This system is like listening to a live performance. Unbelievable three dimensional image, perfect timing down to the lowest frequencies, finest details, even the smallest musical details become alive. It is more than obvious that the output transformer less mono amps are driving the midrange speaker without any crossover in between. The output tube is directly connected to the midrange drive unit. More dynamics, speed and resolution is not possible in a high end audio system. That The Pure is adjustable to the room acoustics makes it a perfect speaker.

The Pure –


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The Pure –


The Pure – der Lautsprecher von EINSTEIN
The Pure – der Lautsprecher von EINSTEIN
The Pure – der Lautsprecher von EINSTEIN