EINSTEIN The Record Player

basic version


The motor is set up in a special external housing adjustable with three feet. It holds and clamps the motor with a heavy decoupling weight to quiet the motor. The slow speed, low torque synchronous motor especially designed for turntables. The unique Einstein designed motor pulley is made of high precision machined aluminum. Inside the motor pulley is a mechanical mechanism (we call it clutch) avoiding pole cogging of the motor to eliminate any wow & flutter. It is a perfect pitch design.


The inner platter spindle made of polished highgrade stainless steel rests on a ceramic ball bearing in a huge massive bearing block made of a special copper based alloy (similar to brass). To achieve minimum friction of spindle to bearing the spindle has a machined cut out in the middle. Thus only the top and the bottom end have a connection to the main bearing block eliminating bearing noise (rumble). Furthermore this design perfectly stabilizes the inner platter so that there is absolutely no horizontal movement in the platter. This unique design works also like an extra oil reservoir to guarantee a permanent and stable oil flow. The tolerances of spindle and bearing are so precise that it takes the spindle with inner and outer platter quite a time to sink in the final position when mounted. Greatest care is therefore essential when setting the spindle into the bearing for not to damage the ultra precise fit.


Inner platter and outer platter are high precision machined from a massive aluminum block for a high accuracy tension free fit. The inner platter is matched to the outer platter in an absorbent compound connection – that is maximum precision. Also here greatest care is necessary when setting the outer platter on the inner platter! The outer platter is belt driven. It weighs 5.8kg with a 32cm diameter.


The special Einstein perfect fit tonearm mounting base for up to 12” tonearm is made of two different parts and materials to diminish sound limiting resonance problems. The inner tonearm board made from ebony wood can be adjusted with 4 screws to match the right distance from center platter to center tonearm bearing. The elliptic outer tonearm board machined from massive aluminum clamps the wooden inner board with a special mechanism. Turning the outer board 180° you either have the position for 9-10.5’’tonarms or 12’’ The tonearm mounting base and the main platter bearing are mounted to a 6mm massive stainless steel frame providing a perfect and rigid stabilization


The main board of the turntable chassis is bamboo with a vertical cut to increase the inner stability. Bamboo does not store energy and tightly connected to the stainless steel frame which also connects main bearing and tonearm mounting base this construction works as a mechanical filter that makes this turntable truly outstanding.


The three feet of the standard /basic Record Player are machined from massive aluminum with anti resonant vibration material.

deluxe version

EINSTEIN Deluxe-Version of The Record Players

The deluxe version offers all the characteristics described above. To make it quite a different experience while listening, the deluxe version has some add ons.


AOther than the standard version the deluxe version has feet with a subchassis function. The sophisticated Einstein designed floating sub chassis feet are tuned to a 4.5 Hz resonance frequency avoiding any mechanical/acoustic feedback to the turntable to support the tracking process and to improve the sound quality dramatically.


Instead of the classic and fantastic felt mat, the deluxe version comes with a graphite upper platter with a heavy weight stainless steel disc stabilizer. The sophisticated design of the graphite platter with a 1 degree pitch from outside to the inside together with the heavy stabilizer works like a turntable with an air suction – it makes the records move and resonate less and damp it. As a result the performance is much quieter.

Dimensions Height 11 cm (including platter 14.5 cm), width 56 cm, depth 42 cm Total weight 24kg (including external PSU)

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