The Tonearm –


A unique EINSTEIN tone arm was in our mind for quite a long time. Within a 6 year period we did quite a few prototypes with very good sonic results. We demonstrated these prototypes at audio shows and our customers always told us that this tone arm has a great sound and a very straight handling. They always asked when they could possibly buy it. But Volker Bohlmeier the owner of EINSTEIN was not 100% happy. And if something is missing, it`s not an EINSTEIN product and we will not produce it. That`s our philosophy.

In 2014 we have been lucky to find the missing link to the tone arm in Japan and together with this specialist in mechanic design of tonearms, the new EINSTEIN tonearm was born. Decades of experience with tonearm design and an absolutely precise engineering process make the EINSTEIN The Tone Arm an outstanding product. Perfect resonance control, an outstanding dynamic balance, perfect geometry and straight forward handling are some of the fantastic features of this outstanding tone arm. The set up for The Tonearm is really straight forward and self explaining. No miracle at all and always replicable. In comparison to other tonearm designs the set up and the alignments are a cakewalk.

The sound is incredibly open, precise with an extended soundstage. Bass control and timing are exceptional. No ringing or low frequency resonances damage a perfect tracking ability. The Tonearm is reading the mechanical information exactly out of the groove. This tone arm provides a non damped sound without any loss of energy! Even low frequency feedback from the speaker to the tonearm at high volume levels doesn`t limit the sound quality. It’s pure authority up to the lead-out groove.

The Tonearm –

Technical data

  • Sophisticated 10 or 12 inch geometry
  • copper or silver tonearmcable
  • Detachable headshell with sophisticated absolutely precise locking system
  • Sophisticated height adjustment for perfect VTA
  • No resonances due to perfectly stiff tone arm pipe with stainless steel outer pipe and aluminum inner pipe
  • Massive machined bearing block for non resonant and precise bearing set up
  • Azimuth set up with precise and tight locking system
  • Perfect for medium and low compliance cartridges
  • Rigid massive machined tone arm base for superprecise tonearm shaft fit
  • Additional tonearm weight for cartridges with a heavy weight
  • Precise machined rhodium plated contacts at headshell and tonearmbase

The Tonearm –