The Tune MKII–

Integrated Amplifier with optional digital input

The new EINSTEIN integrated amplifier The Tune contains all our experience in analog design and digital technique.
This new integrated meets absolute high end standard and is the perfect control center for digital media. It is a unique Einstein product that is exemplary for the sound and circuit philosophy that made Einstein a company with international reputation and worldwide approval.

The amplifier offers all technical attributes of the ‘big’ Einstein amplifiers:

  • extremely short signal paths
  • sophisticated power supply with high current headroom
  • outstanding signal to noise ratio
  • absolute thermal balance within the casing (basic for high life expectancy and optimal function of electric parts)
  • high bandwidth for a detailed musical reproduction without phase problems
  • no relays in the loudspeaker signal path and therefore no limits in dynamics
  • volume control realized with resistor network

The optional digital input meets highest requirements – it is a genuine little brother of the one in the reference CD Player EINSTEIN The Source.

For all analog lovers The Tune offers an integrated phono preamplifier. It is suitable for MM as well as high output MC cartridges.

This new integrated offers a musical reproduction that is exemplary for all EINSTEIN products.
It impresses with perfect timing, is extremely explosive and dynamic and offers a fantastic three dimensional and focused tonal image. The musical authority as well as the musical flow of The Tune are convincing. It is perfection in the complete frequency range – a typical EINSTEIN design.

The appearance of this new amplifier is classically simple and elegant looking, while functional - in typical Einstein style. Once more our designer has set standards. This low resonance casing is not only good looking and acoustically fantastic but also a bargain. According to Mies van der Rohe: ‚Less is more‘.

The remote control which comes with The Tune is a custom made design piece and again a real EINSTEIN product with the basic functions for input selection and volume control.
The touchscreen panel supports the simple modern design and allows operation without remote control.

The new integrated amplifier The Tune is a tonal as well as optical synthesis of both the legendary EINSTEIN amplifier from the 1990s and the EINSTEIN tube amplifiers. A perfect entrance to the absolute musical!

The Tune MKII–

Technical data

Power: 80 Watt/ 8 Ohm, 130 Watt/ 4 Ohm
Integrated transistor amplifier in double mono design
Signal to noise ratio
better than 98 dB
Phono MM: better than 70 dB
USB: 95 dB
SPDIF: 95 dB
Operation Touchscreen and Remote Control
switchable preamp output
low resonance massive aluminium casing
thermal stabilizing massive heat sinks
Dimensions 430 x 405 x 130 mm
Weight: 12kg
Manual: The Tune (157 KB)

The Tune –

Customer experience

I know very little about the brand--I did have a chance to audition one of their phono stages years ago when I was reviewing equipment, and I remember liking it. But this amp right here, well, wow. What a nice, beautiful, state of the art amplifier that is, incidentally, light enough for one person to carry around comfortably. Someone told me they thought it retailed for around AU$16,000, but that's actually a bargain for this level of performance. Customer is very happy.
He knows the absolute tune very well. (had him 7 years)
Now with this new machine, by listening the first CD’s Bach - Led zeppelin , etc my customer look at me, oh my goodness ……… I was 2 hours with him, drinking some wine, and listening a few good cd’s.
the performance is pure oxygen, pure sound
Also the machine stays very cool, get not so warm.

I received the tune yesterday and I listened for 5 hours - it is very nice with my cd and especially with acoustic guitars.
I find very good phono section mm, compared with my preliminary test from the line by plugging a préphono " basic+ clearaudio."

seit Montag bin ich Besitzer eines " The Tune " Verstärkers. Jetzt weiß ich auch, warum Ihre Firma Einstein heißt, der Verstärker ist einfach genial !!

The Tune spielt und wie!

Habe die Geräte erhalten und The Tune spielt auch schon sehr, sehr gut!! Vielen herzlichen Dank!
Wenn mich nicht alles täuscht, wird dieses Gerät ein Verkaufsschlager in der Westschweiz!

About last shipment, yes, we took delivery last Friday and…wow!!! Both The Tune & Octopus div Strip are so beautiful. Anyone who see those have to admit that the appearance is totally awesome and unique. Mr. Quan and our sales team will set them up for listening in the next few days, then I will update to you soon.
Einige Wochen später:
The Tune and The Octopus Ultimate are super great. We have received positive feedbacks from potential customers. Both of them possess a very elegant design, beautiful cover and fascinating performance. About The Octopus Ultimate, it can match and improve much for not only Einstein’s products but also other equipment.
Vertrieb Vietnam

The Tune –


The Tune MKII–


The Tune – die Netzleiste von EINSTEIN
The Tune – die Netzleiste von EINSTEIN
The Tune – die Netzleiste von EINSTEIN