The Artisans

The center and origin of EINSTEIN is of course Volker Bohlmeier, the company owner and main driver behind our mission. Volker (a well trained guitarist) is a man for whom music, along with life’s other pleasures, has and will always be an important, central element to his life. This passion and a desire to be able to listen to music at home or in a concert, are used as the idea to build components that make great music. Meeting with renowned audio developer and engineer, Rolf Weiler has turned that dream into a reality under the EINSTEIN brand.

The technical development of each component is in the hands of Rolf Weiler, who sees the company’s famous namesake not only as clever, but a stroke of genius as well. Easily modified circuits, or those more or less replicable by hobbyists are an absolute taboo. All EINSTEIN developments and circuits are 100% developed in-house with simple, yet elegant (and brilliant!) solutions real connoisseurs respect and admire. Just exactly in the spirit of the great physicist – Einstein.

This simplicity and elegance are reflected in the exterior design of the components as well. People from all over the world, with a variety of aesthetic ideas, are fascinated by the visual appearance of our equipment. For many today, they are considered true classics. They say that true beauty is independent of time and taste. Since the beginning, Annette Heiss (Volker’s wife), has been responsible for all aesthetic design decisions incorporated into each EINSTEIN product. Together, this husband and wife team, guide the destiny of the EINSTEIN factory.

The graduate engineer, Uwe Gespers, is also an incredible value and “find” for the EINSTEIN. This electrical engineer studied specialty audio technology, specifically, special advanced tube design technology. There are only very few engineers that have a broader and deeper knowledge in this area. Together with the rest of the EINSTEIN team, he is primarily responsible for all service and support related company functions.

Alas, let us not forget the many other people at EINSTEIN who provide the best possible talent behind our brand. The knowledge that ultimately so many people – even our customers – stand behind our EINSTEIN brand gives us the peace of mind that we are indeed on the right track.