The Audio Factory

EINSTEIN audio components are made in Bochum since 1988. Located in the Ruhr area, this small audio manufacturer is now known throughout the world for exceptionally good-looking and good-sounding amplifiers and CD players. EINSTEIN audio components have become synonymous for the highest output quality with along with the highest esthetics.

Like the people in this region, which is dominated by coal and steel, you will find that EINSTEIN also offers that oh so special, genuine combination of directness and charm. Powerful, energetic, and yet at the same time effortlessly and natural.

The EINSTEIN audio factory has found its place in an old mine building. Directly adjacent to the rehearsal rooms of the Bochum Symphony, “Zeche” (a local, well known concert venue) and the music publishing company, Roof Music. We thus have a stylish and traditional “home”: quite fitting for EINSTEIN.

The Ruhr region, with its diverse range of companies is the ideal location for a factory like EINSTEIN. Due to the region’s industrial tradition, there are also many mostly small, highly specialized companies, with enormous technological, know-how with a physical proximity we can quickly reach and have access to. This close proximity and the competence / know-how of the suppliers, makes for an efficient factory that is both financially realizable and affordable. It does take a lot of companies and people who work on our faceplates, knobs, cabinet parts, transformers, wiring and circuit boards to refine them so that at the end of this process, a finished EINSTEIN component stands. Ultimately, there are also the great people of EINSTEIN, without whom these devices would never exist.

In each of the production processes for our components, the work of our people plays a central role. The production in small series precludes industrial processing, as for industrial machining processes the number of components we make are quite simply too low and too specialized.

For example, the housing for our remote control, The Remote, is milled in a small metal-working operation made from a solid block of aluminum in two parts. After milling the two shells, they are sent off to be brushed by a polishing machine. Then they are again clamped by hand in the milling machine that drills the holes and the engraved lettering. Following the milling, the semi-finished remote goes to the anodizing facility. Upon return, the shell is printed with the control panel. Finally, the pre-made boards are carefully tested in the workshop before they are finally assembled with each of the housing shells.

Not surprisingly, the work-flow for all other products is very similar. This is best seen with our preamplifier, The Preamp and our big OTL mono amplifier The Silver Bullet. Both components for the most part feature hand soldered point to point wiring. This “art” is of course only possible done by hand and requires special training and great skill.

Just like at EINSTEIN, all of our supplier companies employ, well-trained people who ensure that the end result is an individual, high quality product. All people involved in the production process itself are fully aware of these high quality standards and therefore work very carefully and accurately to ensure each components quality. The hallmark of such bespoke production, are small, minuscule component to component irregularities, which in no way constitute a defect, but are in fact characteristic of this type of production and are the ultimate expression of individuality and quality.

We know that only a small fraction of people hold such individuality and quality in regard and only a select few really attach importance to these matters. Ultimately, we are sure that there are enough people around who are looking for exactly such a brand. Anyone who has such aspirations and attaches such values to a component brand will find precisely what he is looking for in EINSTEIN – never mind what will happen once they hear a full EINSTEIN system… simply unforgettable!