Einstein Audio

EINSTEIN audio components… 1988 to today, the love for music, or how incredible technology and art meet to form a perfect symbiotic relationship.

Volker Bohlmeier and Rolf Weiler who met in Bochum (Germany) sometime in the late 1980’s, are drawn together by an idea and lifetime realization: providing music playback in the most authentic and highest possible level of fidelity, suspending the distance between the listener and music. Thus, both experts created an incredibly sophisticated audio component playback system which today is loved and cherished by music lovers the world over. In 1988 then, a new label is thus born under the name EINSTEIN, with the simple goal of providing the most technologically advanced audio components. With each new review and reference listing amongst the world’s best audio components, we cherish that drive to perfection again and again.

All EINSTEIN components are signified by an incredibly musical experience. Our components are very dynamic with perfect timing and the ability to portray the recording venue without any loss of detail. All technical development for our components lie with Rolf Weiler who not only bares a certain resemblance to the company’s namesake, but also carries a certain level of “genius” within the realms of audio technology. EINSTEIN components are all hundred percent in house developments deploying elegantly simple and often times “ingenious” solutions, which capture the respect and admiration of both connoisseurs and industry insiders alike. Very much in the same vein as our company’s namesake.

The simplicity and elegance of our designs carries itself through the outward quality and build of our components. All over the world, people with varying aesthetic preferences find our components incredibly beautiful and we have won many renowned design industry awards. Primarily responsible for the overall design of our components is Annette Heiss, a well respected interior designer and architect. Together with her husband, Volker Bohlmeier, the company’s main “engine”, they are responsible for the design and direction of EINSTEIN. Built and designed in an old, artfully restored and decorated building in Bochum, we are close to the Bochum Symphony’s rehearsal space, a leisure event “Zeche” and the music publisher “Roof Music”. Being located in the midst of the famous industrial complex known as the “Ruhrgebiet” enables us to create our products in small, bespoke batches, each and every component made to the most exacting specifications. Another positive aspect of our location is the relative close proximity to all our suppliers, which makes R&D far easier to implement and execute. It is part of EINSTEIN’S culture to immediately infuse the latest refinements and advances into our production runs, thereby assuring our most valued customers with timely, responsible updates.

No EINSTEIN component ever leaves our facilities without our hallmark sound quality. Each component is bespoke and our highly advanced internal quality control systems ensure that each component leaves our manufacture in absolutely pristine quality, all the way down to the smallest of details. Our components are designed to carry our design philosophy, whereby music is regarded as a complex entity, as linear and straightforward as possible, thus ensuring a unique place in the high performance audio market place.

Thus, each of our components have a built in value far beyond the typical lifecycle of an audio component, each one having the ability to become “classics” provided they were cared for and attended to properly. Only when our components feature that extra EINSTEIN sound quality, when all of us feel “goose bumps”, do we know that we are close to the ideal of our journey. When music becomes lifelike and brings about feelings of a live concert and you lose yourself in another world, then have we achieved our goal of what we are all about.