Our Philosophy

It’s about the finer things in life. Those who find the search for the finer things in life a necessity, also look at music as being a key, integral part to man’s life. If you eat amazing food, drink exquisite wine, then the love for music becomes unavoidable. Music allows us to enter another world, leave our daily routine behind and open our minds to new experiences. Music can make you happy, blissful, build you up and take you away. Music makes you dream, and most of all, music impacts your emotions. All cultures of the world embrace music one way or another. Modern technology enabled us to take live music away from that very moment and deliver it to another place for playback. Proper high fidelity gear provided, we can now listen to music anytime, anyplace. And thus we come full circle: EINSTEIN exists precisely, because there are people who value those experiences.

Lifelike music playback and the authentic, sophisticated reproduction of music is what drives EINSTEIN’s team of engineers. Each EINSTEIN component has the same goal: taking a live music performance from a concert hall or recording studio and delivering it without any loss of performance in your living room. You are able to experience a room in its proper acoustic size; you can hear a riff up and down the entire frequency spectrum in its proper time and frequency domain and hear vocals and instruments in their proper tone without any form of coloration. EINSTEIN components do all this seemingly without any stress and with grace and elegance alike. Treble and highs are light and airy, bass is tight, taut and black. Nothing is projected smaller or larger, and each of the musicians plays in the exactly their spot on stage.

No EINSTEIN product leaves the factory until it has the best possible sound quality. Each unit is manufactured as an individual piece with skill and care and is tested until it does our philosophy justice. Our products are free from any typical market segment orientation: the only determination for the purity of sound comes from the components we utilize, down to the smallest part. As well as new insights and improvements are always immediately incorporated into the component’s ongoing production.

This uncompromising quality standard is the benchmark for all EINSTEIN products and contributes to the high demands music as a complex whole sends to a component; our goal is to create a stable and valued equipment line up that becomes the hallmark of each class of Hi-Fi gear it enters in the market place.

Each EINSTEIN component has, for this very reason, the makings of a classic with extraordinary market stability and true high-end value. Of course, if something should ever go wrong, you have the peace of mind that your component will be well maintained and serviced over the life cycle of your product.

But beyond that, all EINSTEIN devices pack that little something extra special which distinguishes it clearly from all other devices in the market. A customer even called one of our music demos “magical” with sound quality that sets new standards on its own. Anyone who has ever heard EINSTEIN components in a well designed, complete EINSTEIN system (with good speakers) will never forget the sound they heard.

Why tubes?

We are not advocates for a typical, traditional tube circuit. For us, tubes, as well as transistors, are a means to get to our destination: a perfect, realistic musical experience. We use either a tube or a transistor circuit whichever is more appropriate for any given design. That a tube sounds “warm” and a transistor “hard”, is, we feel, a prejudice which we absolutely disagree with. It is true that all components have very specific sound properties. If the music is warm or hard sounding, this may well be the preference of the personal tastes of a listener, but it doesn’t meet the objective of realistic sound reproduction. We feel that in this instance, the musical information is being limited. At EINSTEIN we pay close attention to the parts and deliberately use either to achieve the best possible result: the absolutely faithful reproduction of music.