Prior to completion and final assembly, each unit is tested carefully before the selected tubes are used for a final test run and audio check of the equipment.

Before delivery, all of our equipment is tested based on specifications and functionality; each device must measure precisely according to specifications and all settings must adhere to our strictest final inspection. A final audio test complements this level of manufacturing control.

All tubes are hand selected and tested thoroughly before installation. Due to the circuit details, EINSTEIN components represent a particularly challenge. To achieve the best possible sound reproduction, each of the tubes must be specifically aligned to each component . Thus, a careful selection of the tubes is crucial for optimal component performance. To aid in this quest, we have built special tube stations, through which we can ensure that only the most appropriate tubes end up being used. This selection process is very complicated and complex, resulting in only about half to two-thirds of the tubes passing our rigorous quality control standards. Finally, another station continuous this quality control process by perfectly “matching” each of the tubes in sets for each of the components. Particularly with our state of the art OTL mono amplifiers, this process is especially important as each tube must fit within the overall design specifications tolerances set forth within the circuit design.

Of course, the same procedures and quality control levels also apply to our service. All devices that are returned to us for service, undergo the same testing procedures as new components. Additionally, all equipment returned for service (in agreement with the customer) is also brought up to the latest “spec” to the extent that is possible. Finally, and only after the rigorous testing and checking of all functionalities is complete, is the component returned to a customer. Despite all these significant efforts, we aim to return components back to a customer typically within 4-10 working days of receipt from the customer. In case of a repair, this turn around time can of course at times be exceeded, we therefore work closely with our customer prior and during the process to ensure the utmost in customer satisfaction